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Casey was diagnosed with Lymphoma at 7 ½ years of age. I was devastated to find out that my energetic spunky running partner was sick. She wasn’t acting like she was sick or showing any signs of pain. Casey is a Labrador/Great Pyrenees mix who was the only pup in her mom’s litter to be born. She has been a miracle pup since her first breath. I just knew I had to help Casey get better. This girl had been by my side through thick and thin and it wouldn’t be right if I didn’t show her the same. Read more

Sadly though, chemotherapy protocol was out of budget and I was told she had 2-4 weeks to live. I found out about ACTSS through the Leduc Animal Clinic and started my application right away while Casey went to start chemo at Guardian Hospital in Edmonton. In the first two weeks she was showing signs of remission! Even the vet and oncologists were amazed. Without the assistance of ACTSS subsidy, I would not have been able to take Casey in for her weekly treatments (at the “spa” as I tell her). We just finished up week 5 and I am again at a place where I need to figure out financially what the best route is but torn as the vet said he is over the moon pleased with how amazing she is doing. Casey is still full of spunk and wants to go on runs despite the weather or temperature. She plays with her housemates and pounces on the cats when playing ‘tag’ with them in a joyful manner letting me know that I made the right decision. Thank you ACTSS for giving me more time with my furry loved one.

Animal Cancer Therapy Subsidization Society (ACTSS) | Registered Charity Number 883300626 RR 0001 

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